Man photographs homeless man throwing b-day party for his dogs and ends up changing his life
People were completely touched by the love he had for his dogs.
D.G. Sciortino

When some people think of “home,” they don’t think of a place.

They think of their family as their home.

Just because Choco and his two dogs didn’t live in a house, they were still very much at home while sitting on the steps of a Bucaramanga, Colombia park.

And this home was in the middle of a doggie birthday party. Choco was spotted by a passerby singing “Happy Birthday” to his two dogs Shaggy and Nena who were both wearing their birthday hats.

Choco gave them some birthday hugs and pets before pulling out a small cake he had for them to share.

He even lit some candles for the cake. When the song was over, he blew out the candles and gave them each a kiss on their adorable doggo faces.


He used a plastic knife to cut a slice for each dog, and then one for himself before they all enjoyed some cake.

The stranger who spotted Choco started documenting the puppy party on video.

He also observed Choco shedding a few tears. The observer walked over to see if Choco was OK and he discovered that Choco and his dogs were homeless.


He also learned that Choco had been living on the streets for several years and that he became homeless after leaving an abusive home situation.

Choco then came across two dogs, Shaggy and Nena, who became his family.

Despite not having a home, Choco always makes sure to take care of his dogs as best as he can.


The person who recorded the doggy birthday party ended up offering Choco help.

He posted the video of Choco and his dogs online and asked people to donate food, supplies, and money to help get Choco on his feet.

More than 440,000 people watched that video. People started visiting the park to bring their dogs and help out Choco.


Choco was gifted a phone and started an Instagram account which now has more than 187,000 followers.

He’s been using the platform to sell shirts and donate a percentage of the profits to stop animal abuse.

Choco hopes to one day open an animal shelter and pursue a career in music.

It’s confusing as to why homelessness is so stigmatized since more than half of America, 59 percent of Americans, live paycheck to paycheck.

One missed paycheck could cause you to miss rent and eventually end up kicked out of your home if you don’t have a support system.

Domestic violence, lack of affordable housing, physical and mental health issues, unemployment and job loss, and addiction are the most common reasons for homelessness.

Having a pet while experiencing homelessness can help with survival by providing unconditional love and thus a source for improving morale, decreasing addiction out of fear of losing your companion, and creating motivation to take care of yourself and the pet.

Watch the doggy birthday party in the video below!

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